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We recommend Aquaphor or Redemption for the initial healing time of your new tattoo. 

Aquaphor can be found in the pharmacy or baby aisle of most stores, while Redemption can be bought from Amazon.


When applying ointment to your tattoo, apply only a small amount, just enought to cover the tattoo and make it shiny, too much will prevent air from getting to your skin and it won't heal properly.


Any time you wash your tattooed skin, be gentle, don't soak or scrub it and remember to pat to dry.


You may see what looks like bubbles on your new tattoo... This is normal!  Your skin is healing.  Be gentle with your freshly tattooed skin and try not to scratch or scrape the area, this could cause it to scar.  Your tattoo will begin to peel on its own, don't pull off any flaking skin!  The old layer of skin is still protecting the ink and new skin developing underneath.

Tattoo Aftercare and Recommended Products

You just got that awesome tattoo that you've been thinking about, now it's time to make sure you take care of it!  Remember; If you have any questions concerning your new tattoo, don't hesitate to call!  This is what we do, no question is too dumb when it comes to protecting your new ink.

Tattoo Aftercare
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